Monday, December 27, 2010

Two: O Holy Night...

"Eight hours and forty two minutes Doctor Richards."

She nodded, looped her last stitch firmly and held it while the nurse clipped it. "We're done." Her feet throbbed from being on her feet that long and her back needed some kind of miracle adjustment. "Well done team that was extraordinary. She's nowhere near out of the woods but we've covered a lot of ground." If ground is what you could call a shredded liver, mangled intestine and several internal bleeds and cracked vertebrae, then yeah. Holy crap this poor girl was in a bad way.

"We're going to need to watch her overnight. I'll monitor her obs every thirty minutes." She snapped off her gloves and threw them in the large bin.

"I can stay with her while you have your break Callie. You're overdue for it." She smiled at Donovan, her surgical assistant. She wanted to be pig headed but her feet were walking off without her and her eyes burning out of her sockets.

"That'd be magic Doctor Davies. Call me if ANYTHING happens." She was no good to anyone dead on her feet and she knew it.

She walked out through to the waiting room where Cassidy's parents were waiting eagerly for news about their daughter. She nodded and explained how difficult the procedures were and that the next twenty four hours would be crucial. She couldn't tell them she was certain she was stable, as just so much had to be done and repaired. She checked her watch as she boarded the elevator and craved for a hot shower and the two hour nap she most desperately needed.

She unlocked her assigned on call room, how times had changed. Usually she'd be fighting for a bunk bed in a crowded room but she was a senior surgeon now, it was like unlocking the door to the executive bathroom. A private room with a bed and a small en-suite waited where she could fall apart for a few hours. She grabbed her bag and headed to the shower. She washed away hours of intense concentration and intricate surgery as she thought about hearing her husband's voice when she called him before she went to sleep for a couple of hours. She wrapped herself in a towel and slathered some cream on her body that felt heavier than lead.

The distinct sound of Frank Sinatra whistled through the crack of the slider to the little room. That was weird, she didn't remember putting on any music. She slid the door open and her jaw fell slack. The room was dotted with Christmas fairy lights that twinkled and yes, Frank Sinatra was crooning about a White Christmas. She blinked away tears as there in the middle of it all was her husband standing there, waiting holding a single Christmas Lily.

His brow lifted and the corners of his mouth curved in a cheeky grin. "I figured I could be the one to do the house call tonight."

She was speechless. "What-how? Hell - I don’t care." She took two steps forward and wound her arms around his neck and melted into him. Their foreheads met and their lips met in a slow burning kiss. His hands drifted up her sides and around her neck, his fingers reaching into her hair. They both groaned as the kiss sizzled deeper, his tongue sliding into her mouth and their bellies bumped.

Their lips barely apart, she fingered the ends of his hair at the nape of his neck. "You know, this sort of behaviour is very frowned upon in these rooms."

His fingers curled around the top of her towel and peeled it away, his eyes drifting over her skin. "I’ll give them something they can really frown upon." His eyes flashed with a lust she’d seen all too well before. He brushed his knuckle around the curve of her breast, over her nipple until she hissed.

"Oh god," she sighed and rolled her head back. His lips claimed her neck as she felt each ache and pain of the day slowly begin to slide away. He turned her and lowered her back onto the bed, followed by the weight of him. She sighed as she curled around him, his mouth gentle but firm finding every spot on her skin that made her pop. Her fingers sifted through his hair, sun kissed and longer than it was a month ago as he found her breast. Pleasure was welcomed through her and the intimacy between them restored. Her heart wasn't prepared for how much she'd actually missed him this time around. It had been a helluva year, so it was heavy and full as they reconnected.

He curled his tongue around her nipple, tugged it in his teeth and her legs wound around him. She clawed his thermal up needing to feel his skin against hers and he pulled it up off his head before climbing back up her. Her nipples hard and sensitive, rubbed against the fur on his chest as he moved above her, and her toes curled as he devoured each inch of her skin. He flicked her tip with his tongue while his fingers walked up her inner thigh, opening her for him. The smell of soap mingled with his heady spice as he kissed down her navel. She gripped the pillow above her head and arched into him as he shifted down her body and closer to her centre.

She tipped her head back and sighed. "God I've missed you."

His laugh vibrated against her thigh before he draped one of her long legs over his shoulder. His gaze set on hers as he dipped down and took a long stroke with his tongue, shooting her into the stratosphere. He cupped her hips and lifted her, giving him more angle as he worked his magic. He slid two fingers into her and stroked slowly as she quivered below him. His tongue teased her clit and the muscles in her thighs clenched, oh yeah she was going to...

She gripped his hair and screamed her release, flopping back down onto the covers. She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes. "I needed that." When she opened them she bumped against day old stubble and her husband's warm skin. Her fingers traced down his neck as she kissed him with a sleepy sigh.

"You better not be falling asleep on me now."

She laughed and arched up into him and purred. "Wouldn't dream of it." The time with her husband alone was far too precious for that. She flipped them gently so he fell back into the standard issue hospital pillows and she straddled him. The head of his cock bumped against the crease of her ass as she slid slowly up his body, lying against the dampness of his chest. She nipped his chin and then licked the corners of his mouth until the kiss became full.

He watched with an amused grin as she licked the tips of his nipples before playfully flicking one. "Always hard huh?"

He groaned as she kissed up his neck and behind his ear, paying him a little attention he'd more than likely missed over the last few weeks. He shifted under her and slid her with ease onto his cock. Always impatient, always had to be in control. She linked her hands in his and held them on his chest as she moved above him creating a pleasurable rhythm for both of them. He stretched and filled her, pouring his strength into her that she'd been missing so much. It was how they worked, no matter how far apart their lives seemed sometimes when they came back together it was stronger than ever.

His hands slipped from hers and up her body. She closed her eyes, rode her husband and enjoyed the simple pleasure of his touch over her curves. He cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples under her thumbs. She moaned and tipped her head back, lost in the moment but kept them steady. He found her spot and she shattered around him letting go completely and utterly. He rolled her and lifted her leg over his hip, driving himself deeper. His mouth fused with hers and poured everything she had into him. Sweaty skin slapped and breaths hitched as he came closer, bringing her with him once again. She held his face as he came, pressed her forehead against his and followed him quickly, letting the slow burn of pleasure simmer in their bodies as they stilled.

They didn’t need words as she curled up into him listening to the sound of his heart thrumming underneath her cheek. She was strong again.


  1. Now THAT's better than any drug, and more recuperative than an 8hr nap!

  2. Well damn...from the descriptions in the surgical ward to the long, slow loving---damn
    And Frank Sinatra.
    That's just so Jon.
    It was so undeniably, totally them.
    And the way she draws strength from just having him there and touching her is perfect.